Touch Safe Brass Keychain

Press Buttons
Open Doors
Use Touchscreens


How Touch Safe can help?

  • Doors handles
  • Push and pull doors
  • Car doors
  • Buttons e.g. pedestrian crossings
  • Cashpoints (ATMs)
  • Chip and pin card machines
  • Self-checkout touchscreens
  • Vending machines
  • Parking ticket machines
  • and many more

Touch Safe Brass Keychain

With Touch Safe, you can be 100% sure that the product you are holding in your hands is made of genuine brass with 63% copper and 37% zinc. Our keychains are manufactured in the UK and we manually sand them by hand after they are cut to get rid of any sharp edges.
We also offer a lifetime warranty in case anything happens to your keychain.

100% Recyclable
Antimicrobial Brass
ECO Friendly Packaging