About us

Covid-19 pandemic has raised the level of public awareness on the importance of personal hygiene and how vital it can be to protect the lives of people. According to studies, 80% of infectious diseases are transmitted by touching contaminated surfaces and objects. Hence, it is crucial for individuals to keep their hands clean at all times and avoid touching surfaces and objects in public places unless it is absolutely necessary.

We are a group of engineers who felt the need for a reliable product that is stylish yet useful compared to similar products in the market to enable people to carry out their day to day activities without exposing themselves to potentially contaminated surfaces.

During the design phase, we built multiple prototypes with different designs and sizes to come up with a product that can fit into the majority of door handles and at the same time does not look bulky or feel heavy in the pocket. In addition to the mentioned properties, we tried to design our product in the best possible way to be used as a stylus on touchscreen devices.

We created our product on a genuine brass sheet (CZ108) without altering the surface of it in order to keep its antimicrobial properties. There are similar products in the market but no one can tell whether they are made of genuine brass material or their surface still hold antimicrobial properties after different finishes were applied to them.

With Touch Safe, you can be 100% sure that the product you are holding in your hands is made of genuine brass with 63% copper and 37% zinc. Our keychains are manufactured in the UK and we manually sand them by hand after they are cut to get rid of any sharp edges. We also offer a lifetime warranty in case anything happens to your keychain.